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ON RADIO IN AMERICA: XPat Radio featured an interview and aired tracks from Lilygun's debut album on Episode 11 in 2012. Anna-Christina and Belle Star talked about band members, line-up changes, the inspiration behind some of the songs and scum!



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Album Review Quotes

Global Metal Apocalypse

With this valiant effort, we could very see them becoming a potential household name at festivals like Download, it's just a matter of time and you will never waste any time in checking this lot out, this is going to be big. [Rhys Stevenson (9.5)]

Rush On Rock

Escaping the genre trap with consummate ease, Lilygun's self-titled debut deals in freedom of expression and a feast of guitar-driven emotion dredged from the depths of London's underground live music scene. Impossible to pigeon-hole and yet easy to admire, Lilygun could be the shot in the arm British rock is searching for. [Gun-Ho (8/10)]

There have been many debut albums that bring you that "wow" factor and Lilygun is right up there with the best. The songs are atmospheric, played brilliantly but above all sung to perfection by front woman Anna-Christina. Lilygun are getting the attention and recognition from the music industry for all their qualities and hard work. About bloody time too. [Neil Richardson (13/13)]


What’s most striking about the album from Lilygun is how they’ve combined a real sense of catchiness with their technical approach to things, combining their signature sound with an almost mainstream like quality, something which will stand them out as more than a simple rock band. This ability, and the resulting sound is what makes this such a stand out album, and one which I have a feeling is going to do remarkably well once it’s in the public domain from the 10th of September. If you only ever listen to one album we review, then make it this one – believe me when I say it’s worth your while! [Dave Nicholls]

Nanobot Rock Reviews

Few bands in recent memory have grabbed my attention like London rockers Lilygun. There is so much depth to this record. It’s dark and cerebral, it’s moody and pensive, it’s operatic and it rocks balls. Musically, there is an evident solid chemistry with gorgeous bass lines by Aaron John and David Ryder Prangley and drummer Belle Star laying down the foundation for massive orchestral highs and magnificently simple lows. Add to this a deliciously balanced mix of guitar sounds, ranging from haunting background growls to full bore wall-o’-sound solos. Then there is the tour-de-force that IS Anna-Christina. With song writing chops that, for me, rival those of the great Tori Amos, she is certain to be a force to be reckoned with. This is not to mention the fact that she is one of the most gorgeous bad-ass rocker women I’ve ever seen. [Kevin]

Music Riot

This is a set of songs written by the band’s dynamic and charismatic singer, Anna-Christina, demonstrating such variety that it’s difficult to pin the sound down to 1 genre. The arrangements squeeze every last drop out of a fairly traditional line-up and create a huge dynamic range across the album. This is a great first album from an original and inventive band and I haven’t heard anything else this year to surpass this in terms of raw power and dynamic range; they’ve been on the horizon for a while now and this should be the breakthrough. This is a great album. [Allan McKay]

Ravenheart Music

This band is going places, no doubt about it and I strongly suggest that radio stations and festival organisers start checking them out now! The band deliver 8 tracks of Rock music that brims with attitude and melody. [Dave]

EGL Magazine

Anna-Christina's voice is both unique and unexpected. The album only hints at the intensity this band could create live; it's a tease, a promise of better things, an album that will leave you on the hunt for tickets to see them play live. Lilygun know how to lead their listeners, drawing them intimately close before hitting them hard with a punk riff or two. Lilygun's debut album is an insight into just what they can do, varied and exciting, it clearly sets them up as one to watch. [Keller]


Lilygun's music rains like a shower of petals and bullets. Just like the snow in Summer. [Rob Fernish]


Alt.rock quartet with a fondness for Cranes-styled moodiness and grungey power chords plug debut single, 'Diamonds'.


Lilygun are a heavy alternative rock band. Charismatic frontwoman Anna-Christina's roots in classical music and partiality for aggressive rock 'n' roll are what inform the band's sound. Both lyrically and musically Lilygun are able to reach heights of poignant expression.


Lilygun, fronted by the gorgeous female singer Anna Christina, performed at the Women In Music festival that ran for 12 hours. Without a doubt Lilygun put in one of the strongest performances of the day. [Barry Tomes Media Group - Gotham Records]


Fronted by the charismatic Anna-Christina, Lilygun deliver bewitching Rock etheria.


Psych-metal-rock stars Lilygun are worth catching live any day of the week. Dark, bass-heavy, minor chord-inclined, angst rock.


LILYGUN - Frenetic female fronted alterno rock with a frisson of twisted funk and hardcore.


Lilygun lead and formed by the glamorous Anna-Christina play the Bull and Gate. Think PJ Harvey, Fleetwood Mac, Belly and the picture is half painted. Go see them play and allow the band to paint the rest. We doubt you'll be disappointed.
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