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Fix Me Now - Acoustic Garbage Cover by Anna-Christina

I told you I would give you a Christmas treat and here it is! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy singing it. Merry Christmas everyone ~ACx

New Video

Listen to a new acoustic recording by Anna-Christina here Multimedia.

Acoustic Recordings In The Making

Amazing recording session today laying down vocals on a Garbage cover song I play at my solo acoustic shows. One of those sessions where everything just goes right and despite drinking alcohol last night, my vocals were spot on and I nailed it straight away, which was a lovely surprise! Really happy. So maybe you'll be getting a little Christmas treat from me! ~ACx

Acoustic Recordings In The Making

Today I had a great recording session at the studio! I recorded all the guitar parts to the songs I have been playing at my solo acoustic gigs including two new songs recently written. I'll be doing vocals on Saturday, although not sure what kind of shape I'll be in since I'm going out for Christmas drinks Friday night lol! I'll keep you updated ~ACx

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival

Photos of Anna-Christina performing her solo acoustic set at the festival last weekend have been posted in the Pretty Little Lady? gallery on Lilygun's Facebook page.

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival

Such a pleasure to play at the Renaissance Alt Festival on Saturday! I had to play and run because I had an important event I had to attend that evening but it was lovely to see some friends from other bands I haven't seen in ages, even though only briefly. Congratulations to Ays from Die Kur for putting on such an amazing event! ~ACx

Anna-Christina Live Tonight

Catch Anna-Christina's solo acoustic set at 5.45pm!

Pretty Little Lady?

Thank you everyone who came out last night to support me at my AlleyCat Bar show, it was actually a pretty cool night! It was so nice to see some great friends that I haven't seen in ages too! Now I'm looking forward to my next gig which will be at the Renaissance Alternative Music Festival! Hope to see some of you there ~ACx

Anna-Christina Live Tonight

Anna-Christina live at Alleycat Bar 8.45pm!

Anna-Christina from Lilygun, Pretty Little Lady? flyer image

Last night... Total chaos!

Oh how the drama loves to follow me around! After finally getting on stage an hour late, I was forced, (though I did apologise beforehand) to tell the crowd to “shut the f#*k up and have some respect” because I couldn’t hear myself at all on stage over all the noise! Following this, they did shut the f#*k up and a few free beers came my way from some good folk and I was happy again. However, I had to think on my feet and give my set a nip and tuck because by this time, it was so late I was worried everyone would miss the last train! I kept it short and sweet. Not that these set of songs are in any way “sweet” but you know what I mean! I had to cut a song at the end, rush off stage, down the beers, made a few new friends and ran to the station with my mates and of course, we all missed the last train! One of those nights but hey, I’m so glad I played and I’m really looking forward to the next gig. Thanks to the sound engineer (sorry I forgot your name) he was great under pressure and thank you to the good people that stayed so late and all my awesome mates for not leaving until I had finished playing, even though it meant they all had to get the bloody night bus! Bless you all ~ACx

Anna-Christina Live Tonight

Anna-Christina at Alleycat Bar 10.30pm!

Anna-Christina from Lilygun, Pretty Little Lady? flyer image

Pretty Little Lady? Live Tomorrow Night

Greetings all! I can't wait for the show tomorrow night at AlleyCat Bar! I will be performing for the first time with my lovely sleek looking new Vintage acoustic guitar! I'll be at the venue from about 9pm so come and say 'hi' to me and don't forget, it's free entry for everyone! See you there me lovelys ~ACx

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival

AMAZING news everyone! I have been invited to perform at this year's fifth edition of Renaissance Alternative Music Festival held on the 6th of December! I'm so excited! It's a very unique all day festival with many great live bands and DJs, 12 hours of continuous live music from Midday to Midnight and tickets include the Slimelight after party until 7am. I've always had a soft spot for this festival and Lilygun have played it a few times so I'm extra excited that now I get to perform my solo acoustic songs there too! Check out the Gigs page for more info. This is going to be awesome ~ACx

Anna-Christina Announces Solo Acoustic Gigs

Right folks, I have been extremely busy this year writing the next Lilygun album and putting a lot of time and energy into a few other projects I'm involved in but recently I have had an urge to get back on stage again and perform and so I am very happy to announce I will be playing at least three shows before the end of the year! Details have been posted on the Gigs page for the first two ~ACx

New Media Player Added & Website Update!

A new media player has been added to the music page. Head over now and check it out

Also, the site has had a complete makeover with some additional performance improvements. Please let us know what you think Here

Lilygun Are Writing

Lilygun are currently taking some time out to write and record their second album.

Anna-Christina Live Tonight

Catch Anna-Christina at Alleycats 8.40pm!

Zeff Music

Lilygun is now part of Zeff Music. A music licensing company that provide pre cleared music for TV and film. Anna-Christina is also listed on the "Composers" page.

Anna-Christina Announces Solo Acoustic Gig

Pretty Little Lady? Live Sunday 30th March at AlleyCat Bar in Tottenham Court Road, London.

Yeah that's right, me on my own stripping it back for a night of chilled out music. Expect some honest ballsy acoustic songs not for the faint-hearted! I got more balls than a Chinese Ping Pong Tournament! ~ACx

Website Updates

Lilygun's History page has now been updated.

David Ryder Prangley's Legendary Electric Birthday Parade

Anna-Christina and Belle are performing with David Ryder Prangley this Saturday at The Stag's Head in Old Street. It's gonna be a WOW night! Details here Facebook Event page.

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