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Look up in the dark and you will see stars... 🖤 ACx

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Inisde music video shoot

Inside music video - Behind the scenes
©Photography by David Ryder Prangley
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

Fan Artwork

Thank you very much Joshua Francis Hayes for creating this for me. This is awesome! 🖤 ACx

Lilygun album fan artwork

Radio Repeat Show

If you missed Lilygun on radio last week, here is a link to the repeat show Aii Radio Repeat Show.

On Radio

Tune into 'The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show!' today at 2pm Eastern • 7pm UK • 11am PDT • 8pm CEST on Aii Radio to catch Lilygun and other cool independent artist from around the globe! Cheers Scott Terence Brownstone \m/

New Blog Post

A quick news update from Anna-Christina with details on the new David Ryder Prangley debut solo album, rehearsals, and a live performance tomorrow evening here Black Magic.

Anna-Christina rehearsing with David Ryder Prangley at Unit 2 Studios

Valentine's News

Mr David Ryder Prangley's debut solo album 'Black Magic & True Love' is out today! I'm so proud to be part of such an awesome record with so many other talented musicians. Working with these guys is amazing! Check out the album here Black Magic & True Love.
Happy Valentine's Day! 🖤 ~ACx

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