Lilygun - Strength and Grace album. Anna-Christina twin reflection image

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On Radio

If you missed Lilygun on Aii Radio on Monday, here's a link to where you can listen to the Replay. Click on 'The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show - Mar 11th' player.

On Radio

Tune into 'The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show!' today at 2pm Eastern • 6pm UK • 11am PDT • 8pm CEST on Aii Radio to catch Lilygun and other awesome independent artist from around the globe! Big thanks to Scott Terence Brownstone.

Strength & Grace Album YouTube Playlist!

Single videos and Behind The Scenes videos all in one place for you to enjoy here Video Playlist.

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Inisde music video shoot

Inside music video still by Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

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