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Album Review

The first review for Strength & Grace is in. Read it here Reviews.

Black Phoenix Rising

View topic Lilygun.

Strength & Grace Album Selling Out!

Lilygun's new album Strength & Grace has only been out since 17/7/17 and we're almost sold out of CDs!!! I can't believe this... Thank you so much everyone who has brought it ♥ I know you will love it! When we advertised the album as "Limited", we really do mean it! If you want a copy, you'd better get one now because there's not many CDs left!


Strength & Grace album cover
©Photography Adie Hardy
Design by WOW!
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

Video of the Week

Lilygun's Inside music video has been made 'Video of the Week' on Belgium's Rock Your Underground \m/ Thank you very much Hugues Bernard.


Get your limited edition gatefold CD of Lilygun's second album exclusively from our Shop today!

Inside Music Video still
©Photography Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno


Inside this box is Lilygun's second album... I can hardly believe it!!! ~ACx

David Ryder Prangley
Director / Photographer
©Photography by Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios

"Gothic Kate Bush"

When I get described as "a Gothic Kate Bush", I know my career as a Rock artist has hit a peak! ~ACx The Rockpit.

Inside Music Video still
©Photography Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

Rock Press

"What does a London-based rock bands first music video look like? It’s guaranteed, not many will look like Lilyguns!" Read more in The Rockpit news!

Back In The News

Thank you Dave for adding Lilygun to your news feed! Ravenheart Music.

Back In The News

"it is a real pleasure to see Anna-Christina back rocking again." Big thank you to Neil Richardson at RoomThirteen for adding Lilygun's new video to their website.


Now that Lilygun's Inside Music Video is out, I can reveal my new look! In less than 24hrs on Facebook it had over 1000 views! MASSIVE thank you to everyone who "liked", commented and shared it. Your support means a great deal to me and I really do appreciate it ~ACx

Something Dark and Creepy!


Out Now!

Sister Witch Gig

Catch Anna-Christina and Belle Star performing together in Sister Witch next week Friday at the Black Heart in Camden. Details on the Gigs page.

Lilygun back in action!

Lilygun were back in action last month filming their first official Music Video! Read about it here Blog.


Here's a lil teaser!

©Photography by David Ryder Prangley
Unit 2 Studios

Lilygun On Film

Over the years, people have often asked me why there is no official Lilygun Music Video! In truth, there was but... What's the story? Read AC's latest Blog post about it here Blog.


In the making...

For those of you who have been following Lilygun for many years, you may get a bit of a shock when you see the AMAZING new image created for me by the super talented Shelly d'Inferno for the new Lilygun Music Video! ~ACx


Lilygun's first official Music Video went into production today! The video is for the latest single release Inside, which you can download here

New Website Launched Today

Enjoy the new classy look of! Here's a little news update from Lilygun Blog.


Lilygun's History page has been updated. A journey through hell and 25 band members! Yes, that's 25 band members!!!

On Radio

Inside will be featured on Fasching Web Radio today 12-2pm (Quebec - Canada). Cheers Mike.

Back In The News

Thanks to Andrew Massie from The Rockpit for including Lilygun in the Underground Rock News.

Radio Repeat Show

If you missed Lilygun on Wicked Spins Radio, here's a repeat of the show Wicked Spins Radio.

On Radio

Wicked Spins Radio featuring Lilygun tonight 7-9pm (UK time) on The Blackout Radio Show.

On Radio

Catch Lilygun on KOWS 107.3 FM 10pm-12 (CA-USA) on The Blackout Radio Show. Cheers Mike.

Broadcast on radio in UK / USA & Canada!

MASSIVE thank you to Mike Pougounas for featuring Inside on three of his radio shows this month! Read about it here Lilygun Blog.

On Radio

DJ Lance Graham is so impressed with Lilygun's single Inside, he's going to play it as his outro song for every show he presents this month! Tune into Cave Radio on Wednesdays at 5-7pm (EST). Cheers Lance.

On Radio

Lilygun's single Inside made the February Playlist on Thirteen13! Thank you Martin OldGoth.

On Radio

Catch the repeat of Dave Renegade's show featuring Lilygun here Dark Heart of Camden.

On Radio

Lilygun are featured on radio again tonight - for the third time this week! Tune into The Real Rock Show 7-9pm (GMT) for two hours of freshest beats 'n' jams plus Lilygun. Cheers Mark.

Two Shows In One Night

Tune into The Lance Graham Show on Cave Radio at 5-7pm (EST) and The 'Dark Heart of Camden' on TBFM Online at 9pm - Midnight UK time (GMT) for Dave Renegade's show tonight for a chance to hear Lilygun's single Inside. Thank you Lance and Dave.

On Radio

Lilygun will be back on the air waves next week Wednesday 25th January on The Lance Graham Show! Tune into Cave Radio at 5-7pm (EST) to listen to Lilygun's single Inside. Thank you Lance.

Coming in 2017

2017 looks set to be a BIG year for both Lilygun and Anna-Christina! Here are some things to look forward to...

The Women Economic Forum 2017

Anna-Christina has been invited to be a panel Speaker at the Women Economic Forum!

Read about it here Lilygun Blog.

Lilygun's Second Album - Yes... The wait is almost over! Lilygun are currently preparing to release their much anticipated second album! The new album is made up of eight epic songs that will dazzle you! Here's a taste of what's to come Inside.

Anna-Christina from Lilygun image

©Haugan Photography
Photography by Harald Haugan
Makeup by Natalya Malyghina
Unit 2 Studios

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